Avid Terminates CEO Hernandez For Improper Workplace Conduct

Avid today announced that the Company’s Board of Directors has terminated the employment of Louis Hernandez, Jr., former Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately, due to violations of Company policies related to workplace conduct.

Mr. Hernandez has also resigned from his position on the Avid Board of Directors and Nancy Hawthorne has been elected Chairman of the Board.

Avid says that, with the assistance of independent external legal counsel, a Special Committee made up of independent members of the Board of Directors conducted “a thorough investigation into allegations of improper non-financially related workplace conduct by Mr. Hernandez.”

After reviewing the findings of the Special Committee’s investigation, the Board of Directors unanimously concluded that the findings warranted “immediate termination of Mr. Hernandez’s employment.”

The Company’s Board of Directors has also appointed Jeff Rosica as Chief Executive Officer of Avid, effective immediately.

Mr. Rosica, who joined Avid in early 2013, is an industry veteran with more than 30 years’ experience in broadcast, media and entertainment. Prior to his role as President, he served as Senior Vice President, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for the Company.

Avid makes Pro Tools, Sibelius notation and scoring software, and a variety of hardware and software solutions for audio, video, live sound, and multimedia production.

20 thoughts on “Avid Terminates CEO Hernandez For Improper Workplace Conduct

  1. Improper Workplace Conduct, which i presume also includes the obscenity of paying for tech support on top of my yearly subscription?

  2. I am delighted that all the grownups showed up to comment on an otherwise serious matter. Any one that knows Hernandez would tell you the man is a complete wanker! This only solidifies his status.

  3. #metoo is the bs that took away legendary Nolan Bushnell’s industry service award. This movement has gone too far.

    but more importantly….what does this news have to do with synthesizers and why is it on a synth news site?

    1. Triggered much?

      The article makes no mention of #metoo, nor does it suggest it has anything to do with that. That’s something that you read into the story.

      Avid hasn’t said what type of misconduct Hernandez engaged in.

      1. Absolutely. There is no mention of what type of misconduct Mr. Hernandez was involved in.

        And stripping an offender of a lifetime achievement award, does not remove their achievements.
        But sends a message that the industry that is no longer tolerant of that type of behaviour.

        And an industry that is intolerant of behaviour that disadvantages 50% of the population, is an industry that will reap the benefits of a talent pool double the size.

  4. Elisabeth,

    Could you be more specific please?

    In what way was the guy out of line?

    What is the proof of this?

    Do you know that with vage statements things end up only more ugly?

    1. Avid probably declined to specify to avoid litigation. Could be sexual harassment, could be he punched someone in the face, could have been a party with hookers and blow on the boardroom conference table.

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