3 thoughts on “Free Synth Collection For Kontakt

  1. Seems like everything’s made for Kontakt. Well. Guess what? For those who don’t know. That structure 2 by air musictech.com can read kontakt, exs24, rex and audio files. It’s a sample player/editor with over 30 gigabytes of sound.

    That air music complete package is loaded with analog and synth editor player vst’s. I got lucky and got the air expand2 for free around Christmas time. I just recently discovered that those who have air expand2 can update to air complete for $149 USD. The bundle sells for around $499 for non-upgrades. Still cheaper than most stuff out here for what you get. As soon as I get home internet. I’m gonna activate expand2. Like most software today. You gotta be on line to activate it. Didn’t mean to get off topic here. I don’t think I’m the only person who doesn’t have 5 to $100,000 to spend on software and hardware. Cheers.

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