Novation Circuit Mono Station vs Bass Station II Synthesizer

This video, via Nu-Trix The Synth Guy, compares the synthesis capabilities of the Novation Circuit Mono Station and the Bass Station II.

The Circuit Mono Station is an analog synthesizer that Novation says ‘originates from the Novation Bass Station II’. But, while the Circuit Mono Station’s synth engine is based on the Bass Station II, there are differences, and each instrument is tailored to different approaches to music making.

2 thoughts on “Novation Circuit Mono Station vs Bass Station II Synthesizer

  1. Wait…..

    So a synth engine on a grid sequencer is designed for different music making than a keyboard?

    Say it isn’t so.

  2. I would rather say that a synth engine is designed differently for a grid sequencer so it can offer a different creation workflow. It’s more about the music creator’s prefered workflow than the style of music.

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