New All-In-One Modular Synthesizer, FaithState

Developer Peley Krane has introduced a new modular synthesizer system, FaithState.

The 12-voice modular system features 9 individual function generators, housed together in a single case. Krane says the design takes ‘inspirations from classic synthesis ideals, mixed with new unique twists’.

Pricing and Availability

The FaithState is available now for US $444.99. They are built to order, with a 2-3 build time.

Update: We received feedback from a reader that they’d purchased this synth, never received it and that Krane stopped responding to emails. Krane’s site ( is also now offline. We’ve removed the link to Krane’s site until this is resolved.

16 thoughts on “New All-In-One Modular Synthesizer, FaithState

  1. Outstanding innovation. Some nice sounds, would benefit from a musician demo.
    I also like the symbol language / no words. It goes along with the “2-3 build time” (what BPM?)

  2. Wow!

    As someone who has just recently begun to give serious though to buying some modular (and semi-modular) gear, this seems to have a lot to offer for the money. If I was a more comfortable with the modular paradigm, I don’t think it would take long to master its unlabeled interface. (Most modular panel labels are inscrutable to the uninitiated anyway.) It is worth looking through the website to read about how the 12 voices actually work.

    This synth is also beautiful as a work of visual art. I am not ready for it yet, but I hope Peley Krane continues making instruments like this.

  3. I absolutely love this design. If you were to make one with analogue oscillators and an analogue filter, it would be an instabuy for me. Looking forward to seeing more from this company!

  4. I don’t understand it but I like it.

    Re: “12 Voices” from

    12 Voices of 16-Bit Digital Waveform Audio are Simultaneously Controlled Using 3 Identical Control Channels (1,2,3). Each of these Channels Contain a Voltage Input Jack for Pitch, Amplitude, and WaveBlend.

    This Unique Approach to Synthesis Voicing Combines the Classic “Oscillator Section”, “VCA”, and “Audio Mixer” Sections Into a Single Digital Voice Unit.

    A Library Containing Over 500 WaveForms has been Designed, Created, and Split into 85 Unique Groups of 6 WaveForms Each (WaveSets). 2 of these 6-Voice Wavesets Can be Mixed, Blended, and Tuned against Eachother at a time using Controls “WaveSet/Mix” and “Detune”

  5. There is no mention of the voltage output on the bottom right area…

    Is that a fixed voltage with attenuation?????
    (Could be used as filter cutoff knob?)

  6. I like the sound, but I do not like the ultra-minimalist design (i.e. no words). Not sure I could get accustomed to that.

  7. Fraud alert. I have paid Peley Krane to receive the Faithstate synth, that was reviewed by Synthopia and various other blogs. The guy has disappeared a month ago and so has his website. Did any of you experience the same?

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