Roland Cloud Adds Virtual TR-808 Rhythm Composer

Roland Cloud has announced an update that adds a virtual version of the classic Roland TR-808 Software Rhythm Composer.

The virtual TR-808 Rhythm Composer is now available as both a VST and AU plugin for use in popular digital audio workstations.

Here’s what they have to say about the emulation:

Using its revolutionary Analog Circuit Behavior technology, Roland has painstakingly recreated the original analog circuits that are the essence of the TR-808’s distinctive sound. Every nuance and detail present in the original hardware is accounted for, resulting in a living, breathing TR-808. This software adaption not only sounds and acts true-to-life, but it also injects new and exciting enhancements into the classic 808 formula.

For example, each pattern has eight variations, allowing creators the ability to define evolving sequences with limitless possibilities. The classic 16-step “TR-REC” sequencer can be expanded to include a sequencer lane for each drum instrument so users can program faster and more fluidly. The built-in sequencer has adjustable flams and sub-steps so that detailed fills and ratcheting sequences can easily be created. Each instrument has its own “last step” and shuffle settings for atomic timing control, experimentation with polyrhythms, and to dial in just the right groove for a track.

Musicians and producers can even drag patterns from the TR-808 directly into their DAW as MIDI or audio clips.

Audio Demo:

Roland Cloud is available as a monthly service for US $19.95.

3 thoughts on “Roland Cloud Adds Virtual TR-808 Rhythm Composer

  1. I like it. It’s a very good emulation. It sounds “better” than D16’s Nepheton with default settings, but you can easily tweak the knobs on Nepheton to get what sounds to my ears as an almost identical sound (apart from the cymbals tuning). I’ve A-B’d them and apart from the cymbals I can’t tell them apart. Of course there’s the “all 808s sound different to each other” factor as well. So, for me, this reaffirms what a great job D16 did all those years ago.

    If you already have Roland cloud it is a great addition to a set of plugins I highly rate – you don’t really need Nepheton, but it does add some useful features such as being able to use all of the sounds simultaneously (unlike the real 808 and the Cloud version) and some extra knob tweaks.

    If you don’t have the Roland cloud it’s a lot of cash (min $240) if you just want to own the 808 (after 12 months of $20 per month you can own one plug-in and stop paying if you want) but obviously you get use of all the other plugins during that time. I like the Cloud version’s sequencer – easier to use than doing it one instrument at a time on Nepheton and a real 808.

    Unsurprisingly, I don’t have a real 808 to A-B it with, so I’ll have to leave that to others. BTW I tested them at 96K 24 bit using a MOTU 828MK II

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