Sound Semiconductor SSI2164 Quad VCA Now Available

Sound Semiconductor’s Dan Parks let us know that their SSI2164 Quad VCA – an upgraded version of the classic SSM2164 chip – is now available.

Developed by the original SSM2164 team, the SSI2164 directly retrofits existing SSM/V2164 positions, without any changes to external components. In such applications, total harmonic distortion is lower across the board.

Internal protections were also added to greatly improve asymmetrical power-up performance, a condition that has caused grief among users of the SSM/V2164 in modular systems.

“The SSI2164 was our logical second product,” stated Dan Parks, President of Sound Semiconductor. “We have the original SSM2164 designer, product engineer, and marketing engineer on our team, so it was a satisfying challenge to update a device we enjoyed so much the first time around.”

The SSI2164 is a versatile building block for high-performance audio systems.

Four independent channels are provided with a gain range from +20dB to -100dB with a -33mV/dB control constant. Current inputs and outputs give flexibility in system design, and a novel mode control permits biasing as class A, AB, or in-between to optimize noise versus distortion performance depending on design targets. The SSI2164 will operate from supplies as low as ±4V for battery-powered devices such as guitar pedals, and up to ±17V in systems where maximum headroom is desired. Distortion is typically 0.025% (Class A), and Class AB output noise is typically -96dBu.

For new designs, a four-fold increase in current handling allows reduction of input and output resistor values for additional improvement in signal-to-noise ratio, further enhancing flexibility of the device. Depending on values chosen for the input and output resistors, some changes to external components may be necessary.

The SSI2164 is offered in a 16-lead Small Outline Package (SOP). Priced at $1.93 for 1000 pieces, the SSI2164 is in stock for immediate shipment. Samples are available to qualified OEMs; hobby and DIY enthusiasts are served through a growing network of Sound Semiconductor’s authorized resellers.

For some background on Dan Parks and Sound Semiconductor, see our interview, from this year’s NAMM Show:

See the Sound Semiconductor site for details.

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  1. They priced it directly in line with the V2164. Cool Audio recently raised the price of the V2164 from $1.60 to $1.90. Basically they’re stating it’s an improved 2164 for the same price. It’s definitely worth testing.

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