Applied Acoustics Systems Intros Objeq Physical Modeling Synth For iOS

Applied Acoustics Systems has introduced Objeq, an iOS app that’s designed to transform your hand percussion sounds into synthesized percussion sounds.

Objeq offers beam, drumhead, and plate resonator types, which you can customize via pitch, material, decay, and tone controls. Using your device’s microphone and a pair of headphones, you can create percussive tones reminiscent of congas, bongos, djembes and other resonant objects. 

AAS Objeq will also show up as a plug-in in any AUv3 (Audio Unit v3) compatible host, including GarageBand, Cubasis, Auria, and AudioBus 3.

Pricing and Availabilty

Objeq is available now for US $3.99.

6 thoughts on “Applied Acoustics Systems Intros Objeq Physical Modeling Synth For iOS

  1. Sounds a bit like Impaktor,– and seems to have the same approach to sound.

    I really like AAS stuff.

    I wish they would do a modern take on a brass & woodwind modeling instrument.

  2. It’s surprising that it took so long for someone to develop an app similar to Impaktor, since Impaktor had so much potential, but has seemingly been abandoned for years (aside from 64 bit compatibility). I hope that Objeq eventually adds some form of MIDI / Ableton Link sync, because that it what Impaktor has sorely needed for years IMHO.

  3. I love these kind of apps! Will buy this one to complement Impaktor’s more in-depth, but technical, model. Are there any plugins on Windows that do similar things?

    Totally agree on needing other physical modellng apps. I don’t know how Wivi band generated its sound, but that really impresed me back in the day – a great selection of wind instruments and rudimentary breath control via the mic.

    1. For Windows? Well, there’s their Objeq Delay VST. It’s a kinda eerie coincidence but I was just thinking about trying this the other day (i.e. turning off the delay part of their delay plugin to just get the physical modeling) and it works! They have a demo version.

  4. Been playing with it this morning. I like it. Impaktor is a fav app so this is another very cool app to add to the arsenal. It seems each week I am using my iPads and my laptops more and more and my actual hardware stuff less and less… ?

  5. Bummer – requires IOS 11. If I upgrade to that I lose about 170 apps that aren’t updated including lots of great music apps. Oh well, I’ll have to wait.

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