11 thoughts on “Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois – ‘Night GHP133’

  1. What a great audio movie. Lanois always comes up with ideas or producing polish that are several steps above the usual. This is like glitch that has a purpose beyond mere novelty. There’s some semi-melodic pizzazz to it that you don’t hear all the time. Its a classy piece of work for cockeyed listeners like me.

  2. 1994 : Future Sound of London : Lifeforms album, Cascade single.

    Daniel you are almost 24 years later sorry to say, also isn’t as inventive as FSOL. Still it is a worthwhile effort.

    Take heart. Keep on exploring electonica textures Daniel.

  3. Music is not software folks; your comments about being “late” are silly and miss the point. Musical forms are to be explored for years and years, and sometimes the later work reveals depth that the early pioneers missed.

    And please bear in mind, Wooo, that Daniel Lanois was a pioneer of electronic textures that are being copied more today than ever before – something like Valhalla Shimmer would not even exists without his explorations in 1982 – 1985; should we tell everyone who is using a octave-shifted shimmering reverb that they are 35 years too late? Please, show some respect.

    Back on topic: I also really enjoyed the visuals, the film itself; kind of a digital Brakhage…

    1. @Roman

      Electronica one of the only musical field where exploration of fresh horizons holds sway over repeating the past.

      Reverb a little different to musical exploration old boy.

      Jeez you sound so whiny and tinny Roman. Where is the reverb in your post.

      Now show some respect to the altar of innovating trying different in electronica.

  4. Well said Roman. ‘Their’ cynicism, and lack of artistic, historic knowledge defeats them. Little puppets of fashion. With negative hearts.

  5. i like that track &video. is it wrong or too late (sic!)?…no idea why some people have to write negative comments…

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