Using Novation Circuit As A Hardware MIDI Looper

Modular manufacturer & Knobcon founder Suit and Tie Guy shared this video, demonstrating how he uses the Novation Circuit groovebox as a MIDI looper.

S&TG discusses how he wasn’t a fan of entering notes using the Circuit’s grid format, but he’s nevertheless made it an important part of his mobile rig, because of its immediacy for MIDI recording and looping.

He notes that his current solution is sort of a ‘FrankenMIDI’ hack – but it does what he needs and is fun to work with. Along the way, he demonstrates some fun ways to do some live MIDI juggling.

If you’ve tried a similar approach, share the details in the comments and let us know how it works for you.

Video Summary:

“Went a little nuts with the idea of using the Circuit as a MIDI looper now that it’s had a few system updates.

Kudos to Novation for maintaining a product for years now and constantly improving it. I was told by a few people I left a few things out so I’ll do another video like this when the Mio4 gets here.”

4 thoughts on “Using Novation Circuit As A Hardware MIDI Looper

  1. Incredible. It never occurred to me to hook up a roundtrip MIDI connection like that with the Circuit; I had no idea it would work so seamlessly. It looks like, to use both MIDI channels, I’d need an iConnectivity Mio2?

    1. yeah – you can do fun things with roundtripping – like I will do that with the e2 where I go usb into ableton and let it write to all channels so I can do things like control cutoff for all tracks at once and then record it into the pattern.for a variation in the chained patterns.

  2. all of that routing seems really convoluted when all you really need is a through right? can you not daisy chain any of those?

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