$9.99 Virtual Instruments Sound Mind-Blowingly Good

ROLI has updated its Noise app, which is available for iOS and Android, adding SWAM Flutes, a collection of eight expressive physically-modeled flute sounds. The collection joins SWAM Strings, SWAM Woodwinds, and SWAM Saxophones.

Noise is a free app and the SWAM physically-modeled sound libraries are available as in-app purchases. They are designed to work with a Seaboard Block or Lightpad Block MIDI controller.

Pricing and Availability

SWAM Flutes, SWAM Strings, SWAM Woodwinds, SWAM Saxophones, Bass Quartet and Treble Quartet by Audio Modeling are all available in the NOISE Soundpack Store for ($9.99) £9.99 each.

7 thoughts on “$9.99 Virtual Instruments Sound Mind-Blowingly Good

  1. Wow. Those do sound pretty nice for an inexpensive model pack. Will definitely check out.

    What is it about fake saxophones that offend the senses more than other simulations?

    That oboe moved into harmon mute trumpet territory at points.

    1. It could be that what they are calling “baritone sax” is either a bari sax being played at some ridiculously high register, or much more likely an alto sax. It certainly is not what I’d call a baritone sax.

      1. As I understand it, it uses a model/simulation of the physics/acoustics rather than samples or recordings of an actual instrument being played. One interesting feature of physical models is that you can change the parameters in arbitrary ways that would be impractical or impossible in real life.

  2. That last theme was definitely a good point. Everyone tries to match all the themes except of this one. And trying to play this abandoned guy was kinda smart. Good stuff.

  3. Now if only they’d release a desktop version of the Noise app. Having it locked to iOS is just rubbish. I wouldn’t mind as much if Roli were also putting further development into Equator, but they aren’t.

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