IK Multimedia Intros Syntronik Deluxe Virtual Synth Collection

IK Multimedia has introduced Syntronik Deluxe, an expanded version of its virtual synth collection for Mac and PC.

Syntronik Deluxe adds five new synths, available both as a collection or as separate synths. Current Syntronik users can upgrade to Syntronik Deluxe or purchase any of the new synths individually. Syntronik Deluxe adds 500 new instrument presets, 18GB of new sounds, and more than 22,000 new samples for a new total of 22 synths, 2,600 instrument presets, 80GB of sound content and more than 120,000 samples.

Five New Synths:

  • Memory-V: IK’s take on the legendary Memorymoog 6-voice, 18-oscillator monster analog polysynth from the USA. It features 100 instrument presets, 5GB, over 5,000 samples.
  • SH-V: Based on two highly-stylized two oscillator Roland® monosynths, the SH-5 and SH-2 from Japan. It features 100 instrument presets, 4GB, over 3,000 samples.
  • M-Poly: Based on two iconic Korg SSM-based signature sounding analog legends, the Mono/Poly and Polysix from Japan. It features 100 instrument presets, 2.5GB, over 2,000 samples.
  • VCF3: IK’s take on the ultra-rare and often peculiar sounding British tabletop modular, the EMS VCS3 from the UK. It features 100 instrument presets, 3GB, over 7,000 samples.
  • Modulum: Analog modular drums and percussion created with interconnected Modular Moog, EMS VCS3 and Alesis Andromeda synths. It features 50 instrument presets, 400MB, over 2,000 samples.

Pricing and availability

New users can get Syntronik Deluxe for $/€399.99. Users of the current Syntronik can upgrade to Syntronik Deluxe and add all 5 new synths for €/$99.99. Crossgrade options are also available.

See the IK Multimedia site for details.

4 thoughts on “IK Multimedia Intros Syntronik Deluxe Virtual Synth Collection

  1. Killer! I just bought a new iPad Pro 10.5″ with 512gb and an RME Babyface Pro to attempt to replace my computer DAWs .. looks like this will be my inagural synth purchase for it once they port it to IOS like the older one. I was really impressed with the demo version of the older Syntronik on my older iPad and Apogee Duet. Having been playing synths for 40 years now (half that for a living), I’m just flabergasted with what you can do these days with these iPads and a good interface. Kids these days just have it made! Instead of slaving away all summer mowing lawns to try and save up the down payment for a good polyphonic synth (like many of us budding keyboardist did way back in the day), they can now buy these apps for peanuts and instead use all that time to build up their chops and theory! Enjoy! (and hurry up and port these new instruments to IOS IK 😀

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