Noxious Oscillator For VCV Rack

Developer Leonardo Laguna Ruiz has introduced a new oscillator for VCV Rack, Noxious.

Noxious is an oscillator, based on FM and PM techniques, that can be used to produce ‘very crazy sounds’ in a simple way. It’s an FM/PM oscillator that makes easy to create very harmonic-rich and chaotic sounds.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

The idea for Noxious was to create an oscillator that captures the crazy and experimental nature of FM and PM but at the same time making easy to obtain usable results. Noxious can create from soft and cheesy sounds to very abrasive and distorted screams. In LFO mode can create quasi-chaotic signals.

Noxious is unpredictable but controllable.

Noxious is one of a group of modules, Vult, that Ruiz has developed for VCV Rack. See the module’s Github page for details.

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