Roland Cloud Adds Virtual TR-909 With TR-8S Hardware Integration

Roland Virtual Sonics has announced the release of TR-909 Software Rhythm Composer to the Roland Cloud service.

Using Roland’s Analog Circuit Behavior modeling technology, Roland has created a software version of the original hardware circuitry that gave the TR-909 its distinctive sound.

In addition to detailed behavior models of the analog circuits, Roland has integrated the TR-909’s original sample ROM. According to Roland, they even modeled the early digital technology present in the vintage hardware, to capture the essence of the 909’s cymbals.

The TR-909 Software Rhythm Composer also introduces new integration with Roland’s recently released TR-8S Rhythm Performer. TR-8S users can send patterns from the hardware directly to the TR-909 plugin, including pattern variations and names. Users can also create patterns with the TR-909 plugin, and then send them to the TR-8S hardware for performance or further production.

The TR-8S also comes pre-mapped for hands-on remote control of the TR-909 Software Rhythm Composer’s parameters, like volume, tune, and decay. An update also adds the same functionality to the TR-808 Software Rhythm Composer.

For details, see the Roland Cloud site.

8 thoughts on “Roland Cloud Adds Virtual TR-909 With TR-8S Hardware Integration

  1. Sounds spot-on to me. Even though the new grid sequencer is easier to use, for nostalgia’s sake it would be fun to have the original programming method in there as an option, rather than just having the buttons play each sound. Will be interesting to configure my Beat Step Pro with it. I’m guessing the 303 is next as a VST although some vintage fx units would be nice.

      1. I signed up too and so far I’m pretty happy. There are some quirks still like the non-scaling GUI or the button behavior, but Roland‘s reactiveness to community feedback lately gives me confidence they will take care of these things at some point. And the sound is really amazing!

  2. There’s enough decent 909s VSTs (THAT YOU CAN BUY FOR GOOD) already available without having to rent this garbage from Roland. I’ll pass.

    1. You never buy software, you only aquire a license to use it. Buying a lifetime license for something you will likely only use a few months to years instead of only paying for the actual period of use isn’t really smart. One year of Roland Cloud is roughly the price of a good plugin – and you get to keep one. But on top you get to use all the others for a whole year as well. That’s actually a pretty good deal.

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