Creating A Groove With The Mutable Instruments Braids

Sunday Synth Jam: This short video, via chisel316, explores making a groove using the Mutable Instruments Braids as the main sound source.

Mutable Instruments recently discontinued the Braids module, but it’s open source and available from third parties in the major modular synth formats.

Here’s what they have to say about the technical details.

I’m using the Tall Dog uBraids SE (based on Mutable Instruments Braids Eurorack module) as a drum machine. This is accomplished by using META mode, which allows precise selection of the synth engines through CV.

In this case, I’m using the Snazzy FX Ardcore (purple module on the bottom left) as a four step sequencer that is sending CV to the FM input on the uBraids to select KICK-CYMB-SNAR-TOY* to create the drum pattern. I’m using the Sequins app on the o_C (Ornament & Crime) into the 1V/Oct input of the uBraids to create the note sequence. These modules are triggered from Pamela’s New Workout.

The effects are added in real-time by turning knobs on the Novation Launch Control XL (out of the picture) that is mapped to DDMf Envelope for Reverb and Audio Damage Dubstation 2 for stereo delay. The panning is also done in real-time using Kymatica AUM (iOS mixer app) which also hosts the effects.

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