Music For Aquariums: Night Shift

Sunday Synth Jam: This psychedelic music video features Music for Aquariums: Night Shift by Robotboot, paired with liquid light show visuals by Justin Howard.

Here’s what Robotboot has to say about the technical details:

About the creation: a handful of oscillators with 3 looping AD Envelopes modulating each other along with some live tweeting created the “rhythm” The slowest AD envelop was clocking the sequencer. Live tweeted a couple filters. ran it threw a couple of reverbs and delays. Put a phaser in there somewhere. Used some lowpass gates for the VCA.

4 thoughts on “Music For Aquariums: Night Shift

  1. I’ve just done something I don’t often to with the Sunday Synth Jams – I listened to this all the way through.

    A very interesting and enjoyable piece.

    I’m heading for your You Tube channel right now.

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