Behind The Scenes At Erica Synths

The latest Telekom Electronic Beats video is a behind-the-scenes look at Eurorack maker Erica Synths.

Video Summary:

Erica Synths is behind a huge number of beloved Eurorack module offerings, not to mention its famous Fusionbox and Acidbox units, and we popped over to its Latvian HQ for the latest instalment of ‘Inside’ on Telekom Electronic Beats TV.

Discover the history and philosophy of this dynamic company, the passion that informs their cherished synth modules, plus the exciting reveal we can look forward to standalone synthesizers from the company in the near future.

BONUS: For all the hardware enthusiasts out there, two extra performances were captured during the Erica Synths visit showing Latvian artists putting the Erica gear through its paces.

4 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes At Erica Synths

  1. I started my modular synth build with erica and will end with them.To me they represent that dream modular I always wanted.

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