2hp Pluck Karplus-Strong Synthesis Module Hands-On Demo

This video, via DivKid, takes a look a using the 2hp Pluck, a new module, designed for Karplus-Strong style physical modeling in a 2HP Eurorack module.

Video Summary:

It’s immediately obvious within the first plucked note that the new 2hp Pluck sounds good. It’s a physical modelling synth voice in a 2hp eurorack module.

The module uses a karplus strong algorithm to model plucked strings.You can control the dampening which works like a tonal shift similar to what you’d get from adjusting the length of a string and also the decay which takes it from tight snappy transients through to sustained infinite harp like tones.

Once I go through the features and core sound I get into freezing the 4 polyphonic voices, sequencing 1 voice over 3 held voices, filtering and external processing to create new tones / movement and then using it as a percussion source and in a larger full track/patch.

2 thoughts on “2hp Pluck Karplus-Strong Synthesis Module Hands-On Demo

  1. Nice…like the polyphonic decay…but sorta condenses functionality I already have in my rack…(if I had 2hp free yah…)

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