Free iVCS3 Patch Library Inspired By Pink Floyd

Reader James Edward Cosby let us know that he has published 3 new iVCS3 preset banks, available from the app’s Presets And Mods Shop.

The first bank is a free collection of Pink Floyd related presets, covering sounds from Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here and more

The other banks each contain 128 (MIDI program change compatible) Presets, covering Leads, Bases, Effects and Ambient Textures. Each includes over 20 specially encoded CV Modulation Files, which when loaded into iVCS3’s inputs, can be used to expand iVCS3 with extra envelopes, LFO’s and more.

iVCS3 is available for iPad for US $14.99.

7 thoughts on “Free iVCS3 Patch Library Inspired By Pink Floyd

  1. The iVCS, for me is the iOS synth with the whorst graphical user interface i ever seen… Take a look how virsin does his job… excellent soundig, excellent GUI. I don’t need this cheesy user interface. I use it for a while and delete it, after a week. iOS offers cool handling possibilities and great design features. But this one brings me back to Atari…

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