Roland + Puma Introduce TR-808 Sneakers

Roland and Puma have introduced TR-808 inspired sneaker, the PUMA RS-0 Roland.

The PUMA RS-0 Roland draws style from the future-retro look of the Roland TR-808’s multi-colored panel of switches, knobs and LED lights. The shoe design is a reboot of Puma’s classic ‘80s Running System (RS).

The sneaker features a premium leather black upper, micro perf vents, 6mm flat reflective laces, reflective midsole details and signature TR-808 colors – red, orange and yellow, on the Formstrip. Familiar notes like “Rhythm Composer” and “Bass Drum” accent the midsole and compliment the orange-hued translucent rubber outsole.

Pricing and availability are to be announced.

18 thoughts on “Roland + Puma Introduce TR-808 Sneakers

  1. The Adidas concept from a year ago looks great and is something I would have bought (talking here about the design and not the stupid sound making idea which came with it).
    These Puma look boring. Not my taste.

  2. Why Synthtopia is wasting space here with this story is puzzling. They have never posted anything about Dexibell or the new Numa Compact 2X, but they will talk about sneakers?

    1. In addition to not covering stage pianos, they also don’t cover every ROMpler that Casio puts out. Maybe there’s a reason for that…

  3. they are a one-off demonstration unfortunately. Theyll never be on sale but nice idea id buy a pair if they were on the shelf

    1. Do you have a source for that claim? All I can find is, that they will be, in fact, on sale at some point. Unlike the Adidas concept.

  4. Looks like a weekend DIY project, not like a result of two global players. Fonts are very tiny, less striking, no WOW! And what’s about any electronic gadget, red LED running light? Actually every child has LED’s in their shoe sole. Roland, if you need inspiration, just give me a call 😉 Peace!

  5. I love the idea and I’d love to find them in music stores rather than foot wear stores, because I never enter those. That’s my wife’s job and she doesn’t know a 808 from a radio.

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