Roland Expanding System-500 Eurorack Synth Line

Roland has not made an official announcement on it yet, but it looks like they will be expanding their System-500 line of analog Eurorack modules.

Several sites are reporting that at the introduction event for the new Roland + Puma TR-808 sneakers, a Roland modular was on site and it features several previously unannounced modules:

  • 505 Dual VCF
  • 555 LAG / S&H
  • 531 Mix
  • 510 Synth

The new modules siting tells us that Roland hasn’t forgotten its System-500 line and is committed to the Eurorack platform. And the all-in-one 510 synth voice raises the question of what classic Roland synth it’s inspired by.

Check out the photos and let us know what you think in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Roland Expanding System-500 Eurorack Synth Line

  1. Aren’t these actually Malekko modules branded as Roland?

    I think that should be mentioned if they are

    The first release of these modules were Malekko at any rate

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