10 thoughts on “Elektron Analog Rytm mkII Review

  1. I think the Roland Tr8 s has changed the rules.Eight outputs and user samples.
    Really good stuff.Maybe prices will come down on some of these high end products now.

    1. I think you have to transfer the sampler like the analog rytm mk1. The mk2 allows sampling like the digitakt. So the AR2 changed the rules. The TR8s followed the old rules.
      Kind of funny to be missing out on sampling in an analog drum machine anyways but if you allow samples, allow sampling.

  2. Last I heard, the Analog Keys didn’t do to well in sales. Most went for the A4. I’d be happy to see them come out with some form of performance mixer/recorder. Some interesting multitrack option at the center of an elektron rig with some of their current feature set and the FX from the octatrack with enough LFO’s to blow the roof off.
    I could handle 4 tracks, 1 per box, to track out the rig. Dreaming.

  3. This machine, as analog 4, has no possibilities to use the internal sequencer to send note on midi out port.
    And we are in 2018!!

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