New ‘Stargazer’ Synth Has No CV, No MIDI, No Bluetooth, Just Knobs

Moffenzeef Modular has introduced the Stargazer drone machine. It offers dual wavetable oscillators, with 90 waveforms, two resonant lowpass filters, three wavetable LFOs, sample rate reduction and more.

Here’s the official video demo:


  • Dual wavetable oscillator with 90 arbitrary waveforms
  • Suboctave, detune, volume for second oscillator
  • 2 resonant filters
  • Sample rate reduction
  • Bit rate reduction
  • Digital vca
  • 3 wavetable lfos
  • Cmos distortion with 100x gain
  • Expression pedal input
  • 1/4″ audio output, impedance matched for guitar amps & effects
  • 6vpp output: ‘super loud!’
  • Teensy audio library/Arduino compatible

Pricing and Availability

The Stargazer is available now, for US $525.

23 thoughts on “New ‘Stargazer’ Synth Has No CV, No MIDI, No Bluetooth, Just Knobs

    1. That’s the human voice, violins and bagpipes off the list too. None of those have knobs either- even worse! Have a think how bagpipes work and you’ll see the similarities with a drone device.

  1. The demo video was outstanding at explaining the synth clearly with a bit of humor and I love the visual aesthetic and suggestion of alternate firmware upgrades.

    I could imagine buying a kit version if the price was about $200 and it had any sort of MIDI control. Since the unit is digital and has USB inside for firmware updates, it seems silly not to include at least USB MIDI.

  2. i have plenty of stuff that doesn’t sync with anything else. i don’t need more. my number one issue with a live set up, is how can i get things to at least automatically sync.

  3. What a surprise they didn’t build something just for you, they built something they wanted to create, I feel so sorry for you boo hoo.

  4. Pretty cool drone box, but without Some sort of external LFO sync it’s not very useful for me. I would also like to hear it without the “gain” control maxed out – maybe it’s capable of some less harsh tones?

    1. Agreed. So we saw it make cool noisy noises, but can it make anything close to melodic noises? I have a hunch the answer is no or they would at least have shown a second of it somewhere in there.

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