The Iotine Core 4 3-Layer Analog Saturator

The Iotine Core 4 is a standalone audio processor, offering 3 audio processing layers in one unit.

By using the 3 VCFs and 2 VCAs, the Iotine Core can be used to create a dense sound composite, that can be further enhanced with 14 unique saturation circuits. The device also offers Dynamic Analog Modulation – two precise analog modulators follow one of 3 audio inputs, down to the waveform level, and offer a range of real time modulation.

The video demonstrates Iotine Core with beats from an MC-505.

Pricing and Availability

The Iotine Core 4 is available now for US $1,495.00

5 thoughts on “The Iotine Core 4 3-Layer Analog Saturator

  1. as an enthusiastic owner of the Analog Heat, this thing seems like it has more of what I wish the Heat had (lots of knobs/no menu) and less of the stuff I never use it for anyway (audio interface, heavy distortion). I could never have imagined how much mileage I would get out of such a device until I started using it every day, and having an even better option available is..killing me! WANT!

  2. BAR-GAIN!!!!!! YEAH!!! How do you call this device`s financial impact on the pockets of the average musician ? Gi-lotine …. ok cheap joke. next we need an analog On-Off switch with VCO for 4000 euros and you`re set to go.

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