Pittsburgh Modular Electronic Sequence Designer Debuting At Superbooth 2018

Pittsburgh Modular shared a sneak preview of their new Electronic Sequence Designer 126, which they plan to debut at Superbooth 2018.


  • 4 Channel Sequencer
  • Availabe as a eurorack module for $649 or in a standalone Blackbox enclosure for $699.
  • Each channel up to 32 steps.
  • Save and recall 32 sets of 4 sequences.Unified
  • “Live Mode” or multiple “Page Mode” UI.
  • Live mode divides us the 32 sliders between 2, 3, or 4 sequencers. It assigns the 32 sliders to the sequencers in 1 of 3 ways (2x 16 step sequences, 1x 16 step sequence and 2x 8 step sequences, or 4x 8 step sequences).
  • Page Mode allows for 4x 32 step sequences at once.
  • 11 quantized scale options with 2 programmable custom scales.
  • Slider range assignable to 1, 3, 4, or 5 octaves.
  • 8 sequencer direction modes. (forward, reverse, pendulum, stagger, skip, transpose, random, brownian)
  • Start/stop all or just 1 sequence at once.
  • Reset all or just 1 sequence at once.
  • Shift notes between beats.
  • Euclidean pattern generator for each sequencer.
  • Independently assign swing to sequences.
  • Independeltly assign scales and slider ranges to sequecnes.
  • Independently assign gate length accents to sequences.
  • Independently assign ratchet steps to sequences.
  • Independently assign repeat steps to sequences.
  • Almost all functions can be randomized for evolving sequences.
  • Sliders output CV and Midi pitch changes when clock is stopped.
  • Manually select active step when clock is stopped or running.
  • 2 assignable CV inputs can modulate and/or trigger just about anything.
  • Clock divider output with assignable and modulatable clock division.
  • Dedicated CV and gate outputs for each sequencer.
  • Independently assigned midi in channel and midi out channel for each sequencer.
  • Each sequencer is assigned to a midi out channel and an assignable midi cc#.
  • Midi input for sequence transposition.

Pricing and Availability

The Pittsburgh Modular Electronic Sequence Designer is available for US $649.

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