Arturia Updates BeatStep Pro Firmware

Arturia has quietly released a firmware update for the BeatStep Pro.

Here’s what’s new in V

  • Recording Arpeggio on a transposed sequence now records the right notes.
  • Fast Tie across multiple Pages does not generate unwanted trigs anymore.
  • No more double trigs when Real-Time Recording.
  • Using Looper when Project is about to change (blinking) & scene mode is ON does not freeze the unit anymore.
  • Program changes now work regardless of incoming MIDI channels.
  • Better timing stability when slaved to Apple Logic’s clock.
  • Ties now properly recorded in Real-Time Recording.
  • Real-Time Recording with the Roller in alternate mode now records the proper notes.
  • No more stuck notes when using Roller in Controller Mode and pressing Stop or Play.
  • Randomness and Probability now properly applied on the Drum Sequencer when chaining patterns

See the Arturia site for more info.

via Shane King

23 thoughts on “Arturia Updates BeatStep Pro Firmware

  1. cumbersome gui due to the lack of a real, decent display. same problem with the circuit. my electribe 2s blow them out of the water, screen-wise.

      1. Ya, cant do a Sampler VS Midi/CV sequencer as a comparison. But screens do make the experience a bit more intuitive. Without one I go straight to the manual to see how much of my memory i have to allocate to remembering button combinations, kind of like the octatrack.

        1. Try printing out the original beatstep pro cheat sheet and add all of the additional firmware functions onto a piece of card stock paper and just have it handy. Works for me..

        1. He is talking about the fact that the BSP is “only” a Midi/CV sequencer while your E2s is first of all a sampler. The point is probably that both have different needs for visual feedback. The Circuit is a good example that you don’t need a screen for a hardware sequencer. And the Circuit is more than just that.

          You know what blows your E2s out of the water, screen-wise? My Zoom ARQ AR-96. That’s some really nice GUI. And to top it off, it’s more fun to use as well.
          Thinking about it, even my Roland D2 is more fun to sequence than an E2s.

  2. I think it’s a lovely interface due to a wealth of knobs and pads. I wish more of my hardware had that exact sequencer! It’s the same as on the drumbrute, I love how simple it is to use there, and I wish it was on my other drum machines too. The bugfixes are definitely welcome. So for me this feels like a winner.

    1. “if they are firmware updates. Should that unit have been sold ? A really shocking situation”

      Sounds like you don’t know anything about Arturia’s long history of updates to the BeatStep Pro, which have added a lot of cool features which were not part of the original product.

      It’s a good example of how companies should treat successful hardware products – use part of their profits to evolve the product, rewarding buyers by making it more useful and also making the product even more appealing to potential buyers .

  3. I think it is great that they keep working on it. I hope the Logic sync is truly fixed, that has been an issue for me and kept me from using live as much as I’d like. Now I just want them to incorporate the ability to shift sequences over by a step, it is too easy to come up with a great sequence that ends up not starting on the 1. But overall I’ve been very happy with mine, both the Pro and the original are really good controllers.

  4. i think it’s apalling that it still has so many bugs. i did a gig last year and two guys from different bands were using beat step pro to sequence their gear. both crashed mid show, one was on the latest and very new update at the time, another was on the previous firmware.

    1. Well, if you use the latest and very new update to *ANYTHING*, you deserve what you get. I mean, just why would you do that for something so critical. Says way more about the user than the company. There’s some complete nonsense here, probably spoken by armchair sequencer users who haven’t mastered their Cirklon.

    1. The BeatStep does everything is was originally designed (and marketed) to do. How does that make it obsolete? It is a vital part of my rig (in fact I use it more than my BeatStep Pro) and has never failed me. They created a good thing, then they created a new thing with more features and kept improving that newer thing. I don’t see the problem.

  5. Beatstep Pro is great with modular and a great tool live especial when paired with the keystep. I only wish it could save more stuff. I don’t understand people wanting a screen on this. It is pretty strait forward the only things i forget are the added features but I just print up the cheatsheet.

  6. A few years ago now, i bought a BeatStep Pro brand new and i paid full wack for it. But then due to a sudden and serious illness, i didn’t get to unbox it untill long after i could reasonably expect any kind of a refund. And when i did unbox it, it was faulty to the point of being unusable. After some Google-ing i found that mine is far from the only unit with these specific faults (being locked in control mode for one). And i am also far from being the only person that is fed up with Arturias sole response of ”Do a factory reset, and then update the firm-ware”. Done, dozens of times. And it is still nothing more than a £200 paperweight. I should have just bought a replacement for my (much under-rated) Trigger Finger Pro, or saved and got some more Electribes.

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