Awesome Korg Monologue Desktop Synth Mod

Woodworker & synthesist David Picciuto shared this video, which visually demonstrates how to modify a stock Korg Monologue to turn it into a Monologue Desktop synth.

It’s a complex mod, but the results are impressive.

Should Korg make an official Monologue Desktop? Check out Picciuto’s Monologue Desktop and let us know what you think!

See also his Rig Keys Controller Makeover.

13 thoughts on “Awesome Korg Monologue Desktop Synth Mod

  1. A desktop version that can be rackmountable in the standard 19 inch frame. A lot of us are still using rack gear as it is efficient space wise and easy to work with.

  2. I would pick one of these up in a heartbeat if it was a desktop module. The one they have now has a great little keyboard, but right now I’m in a “no keyboard” phase. Whatever. But yes, make one!

  3. Yes, count me in as well for the desktop version, or better yet for a 1U rack version. But don’t lose any sleep over it if you don’t. The explorer group of the market fuels this boom and cater to them first.

    1. yeah I know whenever I see things like this I am like – wow that would be cool to….wait I can’t do it wit a handsaw and a circular sander?

    1. Because it would cannibalize sales of the more expensive product (i.e. the keyboard unit with a larger case) and selling a product with a higher margin allows them to recover the R&D investment more quickly.. They will release a desktop unit (low margin) once inventory of the keyboard unit drops below a certain threshold. Business 101.

      FWIW the mod looks great and it would be cool if Korg released a desktop unit.

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