Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Primary Oscillator Coming At Superbooth 2018

Ahead of Superbooth 2018, Pittsburgh Modular shared a sneak preview of what they plan on showing, including the new Lifeforms Primary Oscillator.

The Primary Oscillator features cascading analog waveform sculpting. Details are to be announced at Superbooth.

PM also will be showing a compact system, based around dual SV-1 Blackbox analog voices and their new Sequence Designer.

7 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Primary Oscillator Coming At Superbooth 2018

  1. I’ve had a few modules from Pittsburg modular but sold each one awhile later. I don’t patronize them anymore. I found their tech support to be very short n arrogant.

    1. Wow exact opposite experience here, I’ve found them extremely helpful twice, separated by four years. The first time they sent me a new power brick for a modular case, the second they gave me a ton of information on the discontinued Phase Shifter, which I’m buying used!

  2. Pittsburgh Modular support is some of the best service I’ve ever received. I got an SV-1 second-hand that had an issue. I sent it in, they looked at it, and sent me a brand new one in exchange. I had no receipt, didn’t know where it at been sold, or anything else. It took less than 2 weeks round trip.

    The SV-1 with the KB-1 are how I explain modular to newbies at demos. It’s a fantastic machine.

  3. kind off topic, but I really wish Synthtopia would get a better slideshow plugin that has a modal/zoomed display. It’s literally impossible to read the text in that diagram pic for instance.

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