Unofficial Behringer Model D Video Manual

The latest loopop video is a ‘video manual’ for the Behringer Model D analog synthesizer.

Video Summary:

Behringer’s main achievement, aside from creating a faithful and great sounding synth, is pricing it at $300. In this video I review some of the “cons” of this synth, and the many “pros” that make it a very enjoyable synthesizer, including three oscillators, a classic ladder filter, 5 modulation sources, two envelopes, two LFOs and a small but capable set of patch points.

4 thoughts on “Unofficial Behringer Model D Video Manual

  1. So this just gave me a terrible idea… Someone should take those old videos of Bob demoing the minimoog and keep the audio, but switch out the video for images of their behringer.

  2. The tuning issue is a surprise to me.

    I wonder how widespread that issue is? Presumably enough that Behringer felt they needed to spend 10 pages on it in the manual.

    Seems odd that I have not seen mention of it anywhere else.

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