Acid Pro Returns With Biggest Update In 10 Years

MAGIX Software has announced the release of Acid Pro 8, the biggest update for the DAW in 10 years.

The last major update to ACID Pro, by the previous owner Sony Creative Software, was in 2008.

Here’s what’s new:

  • New user interface
  • 64-bit architecture
  • Flexible 24-bit, 192kHz multitrack recording
  • Advanced MIDI and audio editing features
  • £1000 of new plug-in instruments, loops and effects
  • 9GB of all-new ACIDized loops

Prices and Availability:

Acid Pro 8 is available now for £119.00. Subscription option is also available.

11 thoughts on “Acid Pro Returns With Biggest Update In 10 Years

  1. GTFOH, I was using acid 4 and fruityloops 3 back in the day day in the long ago time. I wonder if its still any good. and why now?

    1. Still have Acid 3 on my old Dell and use it all the time in tandem with SoundForge 8.5. Love it and will put this new version on my newer PCs.

    2. they just did a humble bundle before this release where you could get acid 7.0 , soundforge and a bunch of other stuff for like $10 – I never had a legal version so I grabbed it just for nostalgia’s sake and to see if I used it nowadays if I approach it differently….

  2. Hopefully, the updated version will be good! I love ACID Pro and have composed many experimental pieces on it for years, as well as some dance stuff. Very nice program. Love the workflow. I doubt it can budge Ableton for DAW of choice, though. Still, it’s good to have options and this is like the return of a welcome old friend!

  3. Much of the music that was created for “back in the day” of early internet entertainment was created with Acid. I did this under the name Lavender Hill Mob for those that recall the pre-YouTube days of flash videos and games. There are many techniques unique to Acid that have been missed. I look forward to giving this a go!

  4. Acid Pro is great for doing commercials and other short clips and jingles. We used to just buy all pre-acidized packs and just a few other pieces of gear and crank them out. It’s an awesome platform for these types of time sensitive projects. I’m sure there’s guys still using it for this purpose.

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