Auto-Tune Pro Now Available

Antares Technologies has announced that Auto-Tune Pro, the most advanced version of its industry-standard pitch-correction software, is now available.


  • Auto-Tune Pro features a new interface that has been redesigned for more streamlined workflow.
  • Classic Mode for getting classic Auto-Tune 5 sound
  • Auto-Key plug-in provides automatic key detection.
  • Auto-Tune Pro also includes ARA support with compatible VST3 DAWs.
  • A new Settings menu includes commonly used preferences for session-specific settings.
  • MIDI CC control of parameters in Automatic Mode
  • HiDPI support for Retina and other high-resolution displays.

Pricing and Availability

Auto-Tune Pro is available now, for Mac & Windows, for $399.

2 thoughts on “Auto-Tune Pro Now Available

  1. It’s cool that Auto-Tune was embraced for its somewhat unnatural character– which became a recognizable “flaw-turned-feature”.

    I remember when Celemony Melodyne came out, and what a breath of fresh air it was compared to the glitchy results of Auto-Tune. But I imagine Auto-Tune Pro has improved over the years.

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