5 thoughts on “How To Make A Hang Drum From Coke Bottles

  1. What a great video!! First of all, as someone who has made MANY homemade noise makers & instruments, this one is new to me (and that is saying something!). The method is very clever, and the result is impressive.

    As a side thing, I’d imagine the ASMR kids will enjoy the dulcet tones of the non-verbal instructional bits.

    Watching 2nd video now. What on earth is that second thing?! It’s like a bell thing.

    This guy is great!

  2. Brilliant. Based on this, I’m already over-engineering contraptions in my mind that I’ll never actually make.

  3. Does anyone know the specific type of bicycle valves being used here? I know nothing about bike valves and I want to do this with my class but don’t want to buy a load of valves that aren’t quite right!

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