Organizers Announce New Synth Technology Expo, Synthplex

This morning, organizers announced a brand-new synthesizer technology expo, Synthplex™, which is scheduled for March 28 – 31, 2019.

Synthplex is a “brand new annual ‘all things synthesizer’ event” that features

  • Trade Show Product Exhibits – where exhibitors can sell their products to attendees on the show floor
  • Educational and Technology Seminars
  • Electronic Music History Seminar
  • Masters’ Session with Industry Legend/ Performer (Q & A)
  • Hands-on Workshops – DIY synth-building session
  • Live synth concert performances all weekend long (20+ live sessions)
  • Pop-up Synth Museum
  • Gala Dinner Banquet with house band and keynote speaker

Synthplex will feature synthesizer-related products from the world’s premier manufacturers and developers and is open to everyone with an interest in electronic music and related gear.

The Synthplex is a new start-up event that is owned and operated by entrepreneurs Michael Learmouth and industry synthesizer legend Michael Boddicker. Both partners in the event are lifelong synthesizer and electronic music fanatics.

The partners say the launch of Synthplex is a culmination of years of planning, to make a California-based, face-to-face synth event that welcomes a diverse group of participants, from students, academics and gear enthusiasts, to professional musicians and engineers, to manufacturers, developers and distributors of synth gear.

Synthplex co-founder Michael Learmouth explains,

“In the age of on-line social media, with countless synthesizer-related Facebook social groups, there is no substitute for people coming together face to face. One on one relationship building is the reason for having an event like this! …

“We envision Synthplex as the place where like-minded people will come together each year for the love of all things synthesizer. Currently, California has all sorts of music events, but nothing quite like Synthplex, so it seemed right to this annual event right here in the heart of the music business world.”

The inaugural Synthplex expo is scheduled March 28 – 31, 2019, in Burbank, California. For more information, or to sign up for event updates, visit Interested prospective vendors and sponsors can find out more by contacting info @ Synthplex dot com.

9 thoughts on “Organizers Announce New Synth Technology Expo, Synthplex

  1. > Michael Boddicker
    Nice, but I prefer Clarence Boddicker (played by Kurtwood Smith), one of two central villains in “RoboCop”, the 1987 cyberpunk movie directed by Paul Verhoeven.

  2. wow, cool, after vapourware, vapourwave, vapoursynths, and recently a whole vapoureurorack system … we now get vapourevents! great times to be alive

  3. Sounds like a great idea to me, sort of a California Knobcon/Superbooth.

    It looks like they may have already gotten some ideas from Knobcon. Banquet, anyone?

    I hope they take a hard look at Superbooth for ideas, too, and even things like Moogfest.

    Ideally this would pair the geekfest elements of Knobcon and Superbooth with the types of talent available in LA. I’d go for a masterclass with Junkie XL or Boddicker or one of the tons of synth gods out there.

    They’re going to be able to get a lot more big names with a Burbank event, since so many musicians are in the area.

    I’m going to be looking forward to getting the details on this!

  4. ok cool. living in upstate ny i’m kinda tired of everything having to happen in california all the time. knobcon is centralized and so much more than just a convention. <3

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