Sinevibes Intros Droplet ‘Raindrop Delay’ Effect For Mac

Sinevibes has introduced Droplet for Mac, a plugin for modeling “raindrop delay” effects.

Droplet is based on a chain of 24 randomized delay lines, specially configured to produce a sound similar to drops of rain or small particles falling onto a surface.

The delay chain features variable frequency damping, time modulation with original phase-flipped routing, as well as chaotic stereo panning, all of which lets Droplet go much beyond the actual raindrop delay – and into granular clouds, dreamy spaces and lush chorused reverbs.

Since the parameters are randomized each time a Droplet instance is created, just as any natural process it will never sound exactly the same – even the same preset on two different tracks in the same project will sound different.


  • Chain of feedback delay lines with 24 “drops” and high-quality spline interpolation.
  • Variable delay time and stereo pan randomization per drop.
  • Feedback damping filter with low-pass and high-pass modes.
  • Sine oscillator for delay time modulation with unique phase-flipped routing.

Pricing and Availability

Droplet is available now for US $29.

One thought on “Sinevibes Intros Droplet ‘Raindrop Delay’ Effect For Mac

  1. Great. Another one! Looking forward to getting this and spending some time using it at the weekend. I’ve alread got a few ideas inspired by it floating in my head

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