New Standalone MIDI Event Processor, ‘Midihub’

Midihub is a new stand-alone MIDI event processor, router & MIDI interface, created by Blokas.

The device comes with its own dedicated software, Midihub Editor, that allows you
to program the Midihub to process MIDI messages in any way you want. For example,  you  could split MIDImessages coming from your MIDI keyboard by octaves to control two or more differentsynthesizers, to turn single MIDI notes to fancy chords, or to send different divisions
of the main MIDI clock to separate devices.

While configuring the Midihub is done with an editor, once you’re done, the Midihub can be used standalone.

Midihub Editor works on Windows, MacOS, Linux & Raspbian.

Pricing and Availability

Midihub is currently in beta. Pricing and availability are to be announced. See the Blokas site for details.

10 thoughts on “New Standalone MIDI Event Processor, ‘Midihub’

  1. Cool that more midi routers are coming out on the market – none of them with “standalone” mode have presets to my knowledge except for the Sipario. I think that is a must-have with so many small gadget-like midi instruments available these days.

      1. The MOTU MIDIExpress does interface & routing, but does it do filtering, remapping, etc? Sounds like this is more of a processor than a router (though it appears to do that, too.).

        1. We are talking about the XT. It is Standalone and for sure you cat route and filter. With luck you can buy an older version (Unicorn) for 50 or less and don’t need any software for the configuration.

    1. The bomebox has done this from day one. However I like this new products because of its somewhat large i/o count. While I have a bomebox, I might grab this just because of the better i/o connectivity (without adding USB hubs to gain more i/o, ehich bomebox already does but its fiddly)

  2. It would be cool if this device ultimately would let you do things like remap one controller to another– like converting CC’s into notes (dangerous, but potentially useful), or perhaps taking the most recent of a particular CC message and using it to replace the attack or release velocity of the next MIDI note. There are quite a few weird & tricky kinds of re-mapping that would be useful in some situations.

    There are a bunch of devices from “MIDI SOLUTIONS” that this one device could theoretically replace. It would be cool if it had some number of configurations that could be stepped through with the button so even in standalone it could go between configs, (and it could have a setting to optionally send all notes off while switching between configurations).

    1. I’ve been looking forever for something that can send out velocity as a CC. I wonder if this can be programmed to do that? If so would buy.

  3. There’s also iConnectivity Mio products, but those are a pain to configure. The interface of the software here looks very straightforward.

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