Haken Audio Introduces ContinuuMini Synthesizer, A More Affordable Version Of Its Powerful Continuum

Inventor Lippold Haken introduces the ContinuuMini

At ContinuuCon 2018, being held Apr 26-28 at IRCAM in Paris, inventor Lippold Haken announced a new instrument, the ContinuuMini.

The ContinuuMini is a smaller and less expensive version of Haken’s Continuum Fingerboard. Continuum Fingerboards are designed to combine the power of modern synthesis with the expressive capabilities of acoustic instruments.

While the ContinuuMini shares many features with the larger Continuum keyboards, there are also some design differences to help make the instrument more affordable:

  • Temporal Accuracy – 700 microseconds (NB: the mechanical feel of the Mini is different)
  • Pressure Sensitivity – Hall-effect sensors (uses only four, has a lesser dynamic range)
  • Onset Fine Structure – reports attack trajectory, not just a 7-bit ‘strike’ value
  • Pitch Sensitivity – can roll fingers for super-fine pitch adjustments
  • EaganMatrix Synthesis – tight timbre feedback loop
The ContinuuMini introduction at ContinuuCon 2018

Other features:

  • The ContinuuMini’s polyphony and computational power is the same as a L2x Continuum.
  • The ContinuuMini provides duotactic play (it can sense two fingers at a time, though it supports greater polyphony for sustained notes), with a pitch reference display for each note.
  • The narrow body makes it possible to use multiple units as multiple manuals (as is done on Trautonium)
  • Standalone preset selection and parameter modification is possible via a 4-button menu interface.
  • Standalone operating instructions are included on the bottom of each unit.
  • When connected to a computer, the Continuum Editor and EaganMatrix editing are supported.
  • To keep costs down, the ContinuuMini implements MIDI over USB, vs DIN5 MIDI. Also, only one pedal jack is provided, vs two on the larger Continuums. The Pedal jack doubles as an i2C connection to CVC and uCVC.
  • The ContinuuMini is USB-powered and weighs 10oz. It is small enough that a mailing tube holds the instrument, USB cable and power adapter.

Video Demo:

Pricing and Availability

Production of the ContinuuMini is being funded via a Kickstarter project. Pricing is expected to be US $899 when it is generally available.

via Sally Sparks

6 thoughts on “Haken Audio Introduces ContinuuMini Synthesizer, A More Affordable Version Of Its Powerful Continuum

  1. Its good to see a smaller Continuum that stands with that mini-Roli to some extent. Its 10-ounce weight is something of an eyebrow raiser for an instrument you’re going to be massaging constantly in use, but if its well-built, great. I’m surprised to see MPE increasingly catching on, but this could sure help. Nice work.

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