51 thoughts on “Dave Smith Instruments Teases Sequential Prophet X Synthesizer

  1. What’s up with the piano sounds?

    Has Dave Smith ever done a keyboard that does realistic instrument emulation before?

      1. Wavetable synthesis is a lot different than doing rompler-style stuff, which is what this sounds like.

        I’m wondering if this is going to combine a full analog synth engine with sample-based synthesis.

          1. yeah i’m impressed. A couple companies are now finally merging the rompler and subtractive worlds in amazing ways. I love getting these kinds of sounds and it usually takes a complicated setup that is hell to set up live.

  2. Hmmm? Well, it has a lot of knobs. So, that’s a good sign.

    Is it something entirely new, or is it repackaged technology with Curtis chips?

      1. How about the touch sliders being assigned to both X and Y with the added addition of pressure sensitivity to modulate other perimeters?

  3. I do hope it’s got a new filter design, but either way, if it loads samples like the Nord, it should be a very flexible new tool similar to the Studiologic Sledge, but even better.

  4. If this is the DSI Quantum, then I’m interested. Been debating between Prophets for a long time, so analog digital hybrid please.

    Analog Filters are ultimately more important than Analog Osc.

    1. Yeah, finally something different to the recent influx of mono analog and eurorack offerings by other companies. How refreshing. My wallet is ready 😉

  5. If its a Dave synth with a ROMpler or serious resampler component that offers some piano and other acoustic sounds, that’s stellar. You can go all-synth easily, but I often layer electronic sounds with sample-derived ones, or piano with a dab of synth included. That quick demo was pretty powerful to my ear. The three displays support the idea of a sample bank. I’m keen on hearing more.

    1. The Kronos 2 is truly amazing but it’s got old hardware. Maybe Korg will step up and bring us the Kronos 3 with a fast 6 core processor, 1 TB SSD, and more synth engines and a lot more polyphony.

      1. More cores is not going to help it. I believe the Kronos sound engine is designed to run on a single core, probably to allow it to dynamically share voices between different synths. It currently runs on one core of a dual core processor and the second core is used for effects.

    2. The Kronos is a great instrument, but its hardware is getting old. Maybe this will get Korg to upgrade the Kronos 2 with a 6 core processor, 1tb SSD, much more polyphony and more synth engines. Kronos 3 please.

    3. Kronos user here and I love it. But honestly, I’d rather have all those cool knobs to turn than an undersized touch screen and menu diving. JMO

    1. Actually I mean “At about 0:36, the audio degenerates in what is best described as the audio equivalent of a grand mal seizure.”

    2. The piano however is a bit of a flashback to Michael Jackson ca 1991 e.g. Will you be there. Unsure if that’s necessarily a good thing. Nice song though. : D

    1. I agree DSI products already have alternate tunings if this has MPE support I will eventually get this, if not I’ll save my $ for something else.

    2. If it has MPE support I’ll be waiting for the module version for sure. I’d probably want it anyway since I can hook it up to my 88 controller to take advantage of the piano sounds for whatever this thing is.

  6. Good to see they added the big screen with the endless parameter encoders again. Love to edit from there when i revisit the patch while all the encoders are not in sync with the patch any more.

    Would this be an all digital instrument accept the filter/mixer section u think?

  7. DSI should do something for producers in mind too. They’re too keyboard player focused. Producers want simple or complex things that can achieve crazy results.

    1. They will probably make a non-keyboard desktop version of this like how they do with their other synths.

  8. Looks fantastic. I would wait a couple years after it’s release and read the forums to see if it works as promised. This is new territory for DSI… like the Tempest.

      1. And that yellow labeling. Sure very much reuse of the ID of the Mopho. With three displays it appears to be a high end prophet, just the ID does not make it feel like it. Remove the shiny stuff.

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