New Moog-Style 5U Modules From Synth-Werk

Ahead of Superbooth 2018, Synth-Werk has introduced several Moog-style synth modules, and three complete systems.

The new modules include:

  • SW921 Oscillator
  • SW921A Oscillator Bank Driver
  • SW921B Oscillators

The company says the modules are “like the original, no compromise in design.”

Synth-Werk has also introduced three new systems:

  • SW Synthesizer Model 10 – a recreation of the original 1968 Moog Synthesizer 10.
  • SW Synthesizer Model 12 – a recreation of the Moog Synthesizer 12, made from 72-73 in Trumansburg, NY.
  • The spirit of Trumansburg M3 2VOICE – includes two complete voices in a 10U wide wood case. One is based on SW921AB and one is based SW901AB.

Synth-Werk modules are based on original 1960’s Moog, and are built using the same hand assembly methods used in the Moog Music factory in Trumansburg, NY. The modules are built by hand-stuffing and hand-soldering components to circuit boards, using traditional wiring methods, vintage NOS components where applicable and etched faceplaces to match originals.

The modules follow the Moog format ( 5U industry standard) and come with the standard electrical connector for easy integration in existing systems. The modules work with supply voltages of +15/-15 Volt. All modules can be modified to work on the Moog standard of +12V and -6V.

See the Synth-Werk site for details.

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