MacBeth Studio Systems Elements EL2 Coming To Superbooth 2018

Designer Ken MacBeth of MacBeth Studio Systems shared these images of his latest creation, the Elements EL2.

The EL2 is a refinement of his earlier Elements design. Here’s what MacBeth has shared about changes in the EL2:

  • 2 x ENHANCE FUNCTION – 1 control for VCO1 and 1 control for VCO2 ….previously 1 control shared by both.
  • 2 x OSCILLATOR SYNC – VCO3 syncs to VCO2 and now VCO2 syncs to VCO1.
  • A new SPRING REVERBERATOR circuit has been fitted, a different and more deeper sound than the original Elements.
  • VCO1, 2 and 3 now have separate outputs at the rear of the unit, the original unit did not feature this useful modification.
  • MIDI has been dropped in favor of the above circuits and modifications. Most musicians that have been using the original Elements tend to use the instrument as intended and also most have MIDI to CV processing for their other Control Voltage and Gate synthesizers and the modular equipment that they own. The Elements ‘EL2’ has thus become a more refined instrument than the original.
  • Features genuine vintage, resourced parts. 1970’s RCA legenday semiconductors including CA3046 IC’s, CA3083 IC’s, LM1458 Metal Can IC’s, CA3080E IC’s.
  • The unit is all discrete Through Hole parts which adds up to a lot of character!

MacBeth is introducing the Elements EL2 at Superbooth 2018. Details on the Elements EL2 are still to come.

3 thoughts on “MacBeth Studio Systems Elements EL2 Coming To Superbooth 2018

  1. It is beautiful but how long will one have to wait to get one?

    Had to wait over a year for the first Elements. That said, it was worth the wait.

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