Black Corporation Kijimi Synthesizer Now Available For Pre-Order

Japan-based synth company Black Corporation has announced that the Kijimi synthesizer – a new 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer inspired by the sound of the rare RSF Polykobol – is now available for pre-order.

It’s the second synth from Black Corporation, after their CS-80 inspired Deckard’s Dream.

Here’s an audio demo, by synthesist and sound designer Paul Schilling:

The Kijimi is an 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer with morphing waveshapers, 2 VCOs per voice, discrete SSM2040-style filters, MPE and polyphonic aftertouch.

Pricing and Availability

The Kijimi is available to pre-order assembled for US $3749 or as a barebones kit for $999.

13 thoughts on “Black Corporation Kijimi Synthesizer Now Available For Pre-Order

  1. As great as this sounds, I’m really reluctant to preorder a kit without first seeing a BOM so I can price out the parts.

    1000 seems like a bargain but it doesn’t include a case, panel, power supply, components, pots, buttons, knobs, display, jacks … that will easily come to over a thousand bucks, probably closer to two thousand if not more!

    But such a rewarding build.

    1. so the kit contains….instructions? is that all?? i mean heck youve just listed the whole damn thing

    2. Just my thoughts! I would like to see the price difference of a fully built kit vs a pre-built unit.

  2. it’s been out a good while now! I’ve used one that belongs to a colleague, half a dozen times.. I’m lightly impressed….. it’s Jan. 2020 now, there is a “rumor” of Moog’s people playing with a design for the Super Synth up to date.. the size is very decently moderate… with a couple of octave keyboard, as well as two other different input devices onboard, all married to a synth that is supposed to be the it machine of the time… of course all the ins, outs along with access like crazy.. that is downplayed from how it was described to me by the keyboardist I know in LA that is one of their beta-testers…. I’ve not seen him that excited since back when korg had some nice equip. his favorites were the m1 and the workstation.. I myself still keep two m3r modules myself… I would myself like to have to review them both side by side, the Kijimi and anything berheringer and moog side by side, or all at the same time.. Oh the Bell that just went off! I will review either or both Berheringer’s and moog’s top super analog synths in a full scale video review no less than a 45 minute show.. I will email both of them presenting the project to them… I’d like to have a kijimi a couple of weeks or so, before I got the others.. to really get myself very comfortable with.. it is still like just seeing one on display somewhere… that is how much of a novis I am with it.. What does anyone, everyone think?? [email protected] should get it for you all to let me know, and Synthtopia is very much
    invited to get involved if they so wish?!?

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