Novation Components Update Adds Circuit Patch Editing

Novation today announced an update to the Circuit Synth Editor, adding full control over the Circuit Synth Engines.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

After being requested for a really long time, you now have full control over both of your Circuit Synth Engines via the new ‘Editor’ tab on Novation Components.

Control all elements of the synth engines, including: Macros, Oscillators, Filter, Envelopes, LFO, FX, and the full Mod Matrix.

Edit in real time, save to your Circuit and store your new creations in Components.

This update is available now for the online web app and the standalone application.

16 thoughts on “Novation Components Update Adds Circuit Patch Editing

    1. Isotonik posted this to the Circuit Owner Group:
      “So long and thanks for all the fish!!

      With the release of Novation’s own Circuit Editor via Components, it’s time to retire the free version from our site.

      We’ve loved and been proud of being part of the story over the last two years, and especially interacting with some awesome people along the way!

      Not only that, through the people who downloaded the Editor we also raised £500.00 for charity too… Not too shabby for a product that had more than 18,000 unique downloads…

      We’ll continue with our Editor in VST, AU, IOS & Android versions for those looking for an alternative to the official version of course! And we’ve got no plans to close out Patch Store either!”

      1. too bad, the isotonik editor is actually nice, actually bought the pro version. the official looks comprehensive but the ui looks a little clunky

  1. I’ve been delaying buying a Circuit since it’s a couple years old and I didn’t want to regret it if Novation announced something at Superbooth. This doesn’t really sway me one way or the other, but it’s encouraging to see they’re still supporting it.

  2. Rad! I actually much prefer this editor to the Isotonik. Thanks Novation! I love the continued support from this company.

  3. as long as novation does not come up with a circuit version that has a display i´m not interested. my electribe 2 kills it, screen-wise.

    1. I have both and honestly the no display is a non issue. Both boxes have their plusses and minuses, the circuit has the full nova engine so is way more configurable and varied as far as synth sound is concerned and fully polyphonic but there are also only 2 synths and 4 monophonic drum/sample tracks and sample editing is limited. The e2 sequences super easy has a lot of sync options but the lack of a sustain level in the synths with only gate or an A/D envelope sucks and there is no per instrument routing for reverb – neither have audio over usb but the export to ableton is super handy on the e2… so like I said both are good and honestly they work better together than they do on their own.

    2. the same post on every device without display you must be really sad about non display products 😛

      1. He says that he is not interested and yet he comments on every Circuit related post. What does that tell us?
        Now, I have some theories:
        1. He might be just an idea less troll, since he posts the same crap over and over and over…
        2. He might be an Electribe 2 fanboy who is afraid that Novation could steal sales from Korg.
        3. He might be so dissatisfied with his Electribe 2, like so many others, that he feels the need to tell himself how awesome it is and how bad other gear is. All in the hope to believe it one day.

        Either way, if he likes displays so much, why not just using a DAW on a computer with 4 or more screens? Nothing beats that, screen-wise.

        1. Or maybe he really doesn’t understand why the Circuit is a hit and his choice, the Electribe 2 is not?

          It’s like the people that like to blather about iPhone users being brainwashed sheep. That sort of ranting always sounds like somebody trying to justify why they bought something cheap. Meanwhile, iPhones have the highest user satisfaction ratings in the industry.

          People like the Circuit because it does a ton for the price. I got mine used for $200 and it’s a killer sequencer for modular synthesizers, at a fraction of what modular sequencers cost, and it’s got nice sample sequencer, too!

  4. Was hoping Novation would release the Circuit Pro.

    The Circuit has been a huge succes but a Pro version should’ve been on the market by now.

    No idea why Novation is delaying this.

    1. There already is one, it’s called Deluge.

      People asking for a Circuit Pro have usually different ideas how it should be and what features it should have. What’s your idea of a pro version?

      Maybe Novation doesn’t see a market for one yet. Maybe it would be too expensive.

      Seeing that people often use their Circuit to sequence other gear, maybe they should make a Circuit Sequence Station first?!

      1. I’ve created a Pro version of the Circuit and have shared it on Facebook in the Circuit Owners group.

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