Moon Modular Intros M543 Voltage-Controlled Mixer Suite

At Superbooth 2018, Moon Modular is introducing a new suite of 5U suite of voltage-controlled mixing modules.

  • The M543 4 Channel Voltage-Controlled Output Mixer (4 Moog Unit (MU)), above, offers four channels, with voltage control over panning and volume on each channel, plus master channel and headphone outputs and dual VU meters.
  • The M543E Voltage-Controlled Output Mixer Expander (1 MU) adds voltage-controlled mono send and stereo (dual mono) return

In addition, Moon is expanding on their previously introduced M543 CP 4-Channel Mixer in Moog Console Panel (CP) format:

  • The M543E CPVoltage-Controlled Output Mixer Expander (2 MU CP) adds VC Mono Send and VC Stereo (dual Mono) Return.

The expanders can be connected to either main unit, in any combination and number. Their return inputs are summed to the internal L/R-bus (pre Master Volume) of the main unit.

All the modules work with either ±15 or ±12 volts and include both DotCom and Cotk/Moon style power connectors.

Pricing and Availability (prices include the German VAT of 19%)

  • M543 CP – since November 2017 for 598 EUR
  • M543 – now (after Superbooth) for 949 EUR
  • M543E – early June 2018 for 289 EUR
  • M543E CP – early June 2018 for 289 EUR

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