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  1. Problem imo and my taste is …the market for musicequipment offers a huge amount of awesome stuff…but i don’t hear it back on the radio…why am i still listening a lot to music of the 70’s, 80’s and a bit 90’s…only because im becoming an old fart or just because the lack of originality? I know DS offers nice synthesizers. And i even like to own one once. So im not complaining about this synth. But will i hear this new synth back on the radio?

    1. Most of the radio is owned by massive corporations now and they only play what their analysts have found is the most likely to be liked by the sheeple mass. Music defines a generation; Why do you think the current (mine) is like it is? Because the real artists are being hidden away while we are force fed garbage. Look to independant and small record labels and you will find great music. You really have to search though and know the right sources and places. That’s why I run a pirate radio station out of my car haha! It only has like a mile or so of range though.

      1. That sounds cool. Your audience would have to follow you in your car to keep listening! It would be really funny if you got a million listeners and they are all chasing you down the freeway.

    2. DSI does those ‘artist spotlights’ to keep them in the news and current and all that. I don’t think any of those artists are old guys.. they’re using the DSI stuff for all different kinds of music and sound design.

  2. Love the fact that DSI have the guts to create a synth like that. Hybrid, sampling + analogue filters, huge sample library, excellent build quality, lots of knobs & hands on control. Outshines the competition by a mile.

    Suspect you’re more likely to hear it in movie & Netflix scores than top-of-the-pops radio hits.

    1. Daves smith do what he thinks would be fun to do, instead of having big research team seeking what people want, *cough* everyoneisdoinganalognow *cough*

  3. It sounds great. But 4 grand is too much lettuce, too many Benjamins, too many samolians, too many clams, too much bacon for those of us who are financial mortals.

  4. I’m getting the Waldorf Quantum instead it’s multi-timbral and has granular synthesis as well as analog filters for the samples.

  5. Paul really has a point though. The state of the music business may have something to do withit but I haven’t seen many famous artists (except Talor Swift!) on stage with a new Prophet. You could hardly see an episode of a popular music show withou seeing a Prophet-5 or an Obi OB-Xa or a Roland Jupiter 8 or one of the other greats, Minimoog for example, on stage, being USED, being PLAYED.

    Has anyone seen a famous act with a new Prophet on stage?

    I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t yet seen someone really famous with a Prophet-6 or OB-6 on stage. It’s a long way from the days when Genesis, Yes with Rick Wakeman, Simple Minds, Van Halen, Rush, Depeche Mode, The Human League, The Police, Duran Duran and so many other big acts had these great synths on stage.

    I saw a video with Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran and an Alesis Andromeda in the early 2000s – only the second time I ever saw anyone play one of those on stage. The first one was Orchestral Yes! Nick Rhodes being a Roland guy had his beaten up Jupiter 8 on stage above the Andromeda but lately he has used JDXa and JDXi and sample playback.

    I was playing my Prophet-6 yesterday and once again I found one of the most gorgeous sounds I ever heard on a synth just by twiddling and feeling the sound. Luckily I taped it (analog cassette tape so I can play it back in the car). I’m another totally unfamous “musician” so I can play what I like.

    If I was in a band I would have my Prophet-6 centre stage and maybe an OB-6 and this Prophet-X as the stage piano, Mellotron and crazy sh*t (to quote Dave Smith)! What other true creativity can you buy from America and feel nder your hands?

    The music business seemed to kill creativity around the late 80s when the Compact Disc came along and they could just re-issue all the old stuff a dozen times as the bit resolution improved and the formats changed and then with Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound and videos on the CD, etc. It never really recovered. Now, it’s all X-Factor and other promtoinal programmes pushing out Karaoke stars now, plus a little bit of really niche underground music, which is often just rich kids messing about with their excessive amounts of gear.

    1. +1 on everything you said except that it was radio,not the compact disc, that ruined diversity in music towards the end of the 80s. When all the stations started getting consolidated and owned by big corp. The process wasnt complete until the 00s. No surprise that it was the last time anything truely original broke through. The CD probably saved the industry more than anything else at that time just by injecting new technology into the industry…new players, amps, new speakers, portable players, car players etc. And CDs were cheaper to make than vinyl with less returns due to scratches and damage. I dont think you can blame the CD medium then is all im sayin. (now of course you can blame the mp3 for a LOT of things but thats a different story).

      a great topic for discussion but its all a bit OT. Nice video and the Prophet X sounds like a great compliment to my Prophet 6. Theres only so much you can do with a saw and square tooth on the P6. I would not want to try and make the analog sounds of the P6 with this thing but it sounds to me like a JD800 on steriods. Nice

  6. Matia over here. There are loads of great bands out right now but the problem is money needed to get something noticed. You can check out my band INHALT if you like the production style of those eras. Everything we’ve done is mixed on a hardware console (SSL 4000e on the newer records and SSL 4000b on the older ones) and largely done with tape (both multitrack 2” and 1/4” / 1/2” 2 track)


  7. This sounds great.
    A comparison would be the Korg Prologue perhaps? (Which id love to have).
    As we’re having th3 analog renaissance, i was wondering when the digital renaissance would kick in.
    But really, DSI have been doing both since the beginning – the Evolver – but this new one sounds rather ace.

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