Roland Cloud Updated With ‘Blip Blop’ 8-Bit Style Synth

Roland has updated Roland Cloud to version 5.3, adding a new chiptune synth, Blip Blop:

We’re proud to present an instrument with roots in some of the most legendary gaming audio chips, and some that aren’t. Because modern music creation has over 40 years of great games to draw from, we’ve taken it to the next level by creating several patches that capture the musical essence of games throughout history.

For the latest instrument in the FLAVR release, we’ve once again teamed up with SyncBeats’ very own Ehud Kaldes. Ehud is an expert producer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist. Working in LA’s top recording studios, he has collaborated with some of the music industry’s biggest names. We’re excited to give you a chance to taste the latest of Ehud’s FLAVR additions to Roland Cloud.

Audio Demo:

Details are available at the Roland site.

3 thoughts on “Roland Cloud Updated With ‘Blip Blop’ 8-Bit Style Synth

  1. Do you have to rent these Vsts via Rolands website or can you simply buy them outright without all the unessary cloud/app-rental fluff?

  2. Hopefully the last try before that cloud crap gets finall dumped! pfff, roland… a shadow of what they once were

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