Gestural Arranging With Cubase & A Leap Motion Controller

This video, via Hagai Davidoff, takes a look at how he does gestural arranging in Cubase.

Davidoff uses Cubase’s Chord Pads feature do define chord progressions, and uses the Leap Motion to control inversions and chord versions.

He also digs into how Cubase can automatically split voices to their own channel, and shares how he uses Cubase to do ‘instant orchestration’.

3 thoughts on “Gestural Arranging With Cubase & A Leap Motion Controller

  1. Wow cool stuff! Did you check out the MIDI controllers from OWOW? They make producing music feel much less like your programming, and more as intuitive control just like your setup! I found the Leap controller to be a large step because it doesn’t function right out of the box…

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