MuX Promises A New Dimension In Synthesis (Virtual Reality)

MuX is a ‘Sandbox Instrument’, where you can create synthesizers and interactive sound machines in virtual reality.


  • More than 100 components. Each has unique functionality.
  • Interconnect the components, using cogs(stream) or electric wires(events).
  • Connect to real-life instruments and other music software.
  • A strongly-timed audiovisual programming language.
  • Grab and manipulate data with your hands.
  • Build knowledge about the fundamentals of sound and music

Note: Requires the HTC Vive virtual reality headset.

Pricing and Availability

MuX is available now on Steam for 19.99 Euro.

10 thoughts on “MuX Promises A New Dimension In Synthesis (Virtual Reality)

  1. be better to give us a real virtual studio ,with a full size desk and all the top synths ,drum kit ,drum machines and racks and racks of gear ,thats just my opinion though.
    i also think vr sucks and prefer augmented reality.

    1. What a mind-numbingly stupid/facile statement. “i also think vr sucks and prefer augmented reality.” << They are PARALLEL TECHNOLOGIES and each has its own place.

    1. These are the first guys to make me think that VR could be interesting enough to outweigh the looking dorky factor.

      1. It has the “No Mans Sky” graphical look but still I see great potential with this….but man will it be time consuming.

        1. So you think a music synth in VR needs to look like Far Cry 7? And no it doesn’t look like no man’s sky.

  2. Shame they didnt check there wasnt already a music app by the same name, Mux by MuTools is a modular vst plugin thats been around for years and still actively developed

  3. I really think Synthtopia is the wrong place to post anything VR related. It’s like showing a laptop to a group of cavemen or monkeys. The outcome is rarely good. I purchased MuX last week and will be using it WITH VR on my next music track.

    Unlike some people here I don’t need or expect MuX to have DX12 gaming graphics. I’m more interested in the function. When I want high-end graphics I run DCS World or Elite Dangerous.

    VR and AR are parallel technologies. I personally have no use for AR at this point. I appreciate the way it will eventually become commonplace though but at this stage VR is what I focus on.

  4. VR and augmented reality are completely different ,1 you can not see the world around you ,but AR you can continue to see the world around you,,VR is overrated and will succome to augmented as it is the superior tech.
    funny you seem to think VR is the future ,well i can assure you it is not ,london has had vr in the trocadero for over 10 years ,is it mainstream ????
    no it is dying ,to the legend that is AUGMENTED..

    look how they slam muscians for pointing out how lame VR is ,calling us monkies .
    i’d be careful as i can code to ,as well as have a better understanding how to make a track .
    annoy me to much ,i’ll code my own !!!!

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