Black Corporation Deckard’s Dream & Kijimi Synthesizers At Superbooth

Here’s a quick update on Black Corporation‘s two rack-mount analog synthesizers, Deckard’s Dream and the Kijimi.

  • Deckard’s Dream – a new 8-voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer inspired by the sounds of Vangelis and the Yamaha CS-80 –  is now available to preorder, in both pre-built and DIY versions.
  • The Kijimi synthesizer – a new 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer inspired by the sound of the rare RSF Polykobol – is now available for pre-order.

5 thoughts on “Black Corporation Deckard’s Dream & Kijimi Synthesizers At Superbooth

  1. I had some time to play with the Kijimi at SuperBooth (I was intrigued as I’d never heard of it) and it sounded truly great: a little gritty, powerful low end, bit Moog-like maybe, had fun with the filter in particular. So maybe a future classic, but you have to get the Deckard’s Dream first!! 😀

    1. You got lucky! It was on the fritz when I went by.

      They should work out a better demo for the Deckard’s Dream. Just load those Blade Runner patches on it and run it through a reverb, and they’d sell shed loads of these things.

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