Novation Circuit 1.7 Sneak Preview

At Superbooth 2018, Chris Calcutt gave us a sneak preview of the upcoming Novation Circuit 1.7.

Circuit 1.7 introduces several user-requested features, including a new legato feature that lets you hold notes more than 16 notes, micro-steps, new chaining options and more.

He also gave us an overview of the latest features of the new Circuit Editor features in Novation Components.

16 thoughts on “Novation Circuit 1.7 Sneak Preview

  1. Excellent.

    The chaining option looks killer. I was a little disappointed about the micro steps. When I first heard about the micro steps for the synth, I thought it would allow ratcheting, but I guess not according to this. Still, all of this with the legato option makes for a very nice update.

  2. Who cares about a legato feature.. build a damn DIS-PLAAAAAYYYY!!
    My Electribes 2 and 2S work lightyears better, GUI-wise. Get this: You can name things.

    1. And here he is again, still waiting for Novation to add a screen in a firmware update.
      Lets forget about your serious issues for a moment (and I would recommend that you seek help with that), Legato is one of the most requested features, by people who actually use the Circuit. I’d say a lot of people care.

  3. Im really HOPING that the legato option will work in live realtime record without having to come out of “playing” to setup the mode ( or if that’s not possible, as a compromise, that you can “activate” legato in advance of live note input?

    The Circuit is more or less my dream machine, the only other ideas Id love which seem “JUST” possible if I am lucky is

    1. probability
    2. a “beat repeat” style effect (maybe possible by reusing the delay effect but active on all channels at 100%wet when pressed)
    3. running the different parts at different base tempo (half speed etc)
    4. synth flip ( now ive seen it on the monostation Im envious !! )

    brilliant work Novation, you have provided far more than we bought into in the first place.

  4. The screen thing again? It doesn’t have a screen. It’s not going to have a screen ever. If you’re happy with your E2 or whatever, then great for you. The lack of screen was one of the things that initially attracted me to this amazing box. It’s not supposed to be a portable DAW. I can play it like an instrument and be a musician, not so much a programmer.

    1. Yes, when they released the red and the blue versions, they also released a bigger firmware update for the grey/black versions.

  5. Nice additions Novation !!!
    I would like a way to select and edit a given pattern while a pattern chain is running. Currently the edit page change to reflect the pattern playing within the chain and you can only edit the playing pattern, it’s a bit hard to correct a mistake.

  6. Look to the Synthstrom Audible Deluge (which cost more than double) as benchmark since a lot has got to do with software, i.e. using knobs, buttons and pads, etc. Comparatively, the Circuit is punching way above its weight and bring great consumer value. If ever, please make a Circuit 2 with strong sampling, song/arrangement capabilities and more I/Os. A screen may take away the “magic” for some but it is helpful for a group of consumers.

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