9 thoughts on “The LeafAudio Microphonic Soundbox Is A Toolbox For Sound Design

  1. They always use heavy reverb/delay effects in the demos, because without them the sound is not that interesting.
    Also I think 160€ (kit) for some wood and metal and a contact mic with a preamp is a little steep.
    I think I’ll get those parts for 20 bucks and build one myself……

    1. We built one in the superbooth workshop and it’s really nice. Used it in a track already as well, which is where it counts for me personally – is the instrument useful in my music. If it inspires you to build something better though, please do and share! Always room for one more noisebox.

  2. So great to see performers creating and demonstrating totally delightful instruments! Nice design, and good to hear how he uses the sounds.

  3. I’ve got one and it’s great! So much you can do with it! Sure you can build one yourself, and actually, if somebody has the skills and possibility to do so, I think they should. Nothing like building your own instrument!
    But you’ll probably spend more than 20€ (it’s also got a nice preamp with external input) and it takes time until you get it all right.
    This has to be seen as raw sound source which is best used as the initial element in a chain. I find it quite interesting as a way to play Rings, but it’s also fun to be used with some big and long reverbs or granular fx.
    I might be a bit biased because I work with Leaf Audio on their DIY modules, but I have not been involved in the creation of the Soundbox.
    Here’s a little video of it in action with a Rings patch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3PNuZZUl60

    1. Wow!!!!! Thank you for the demonstration!!!! I have been looking for more examples of this.
      I agree that it is an easy build but I certainly do not have the time for it…. I can spend time fixing more Marxophones…. actually… those days are over too! More creativity instead!!! Thank you for your time.

  4. isn’t it just a box with piezo’s hooked up and stuff mounted on it? I mean it is a nice group of noizemaking thing sin one place but not really anything new

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