Elektron Overbridge Update – “The Most Complex Project We Have Ever Undertaken”

Elektron over the weekend shared an update via Elektronauts on the status of the much-awaited update to Overbridge, its system for integrating its hardware with DAWs.

The company is not making promises about when the Overbridge update will be released, but instead gives an update on what to expect:

The development of Overbridge continues. Many of you have already enjoyed the sound-editing and multitrack recording capabilities made possible by an Elektron machine hooked up to a computer with Overbridge installed, and we know a lot of you are eagerly awaiting the next version of Overbridge, with support for Digitakt, Digitone, and the Analog MKII’s.

Overbridge is in many ways the most complex project we have ever undertaken, and it has admittedly been difficult to accurately predict the time and resources required to reach the high standards both you and we expect from an Elektron product. We are not quite there yet.

That being said, our small but dedicated team of engineers are working fervently, and we can only kindly ask for your continued patience. Rest assured, releasing Overbridge is our highest priority.

A few highlights of what to expect:

New reworked and unified graphics design with increased contrast and usability
New standalone editor, enabling DAW-less operation
Improved plugin compatibility for several DAWs
Enhanced performance using our new multi-process architecture
Lower latency ‡
Faster Total Recall and Automation ‡
Configuration-less USB audio streaming of all available channels simultaneously at maximum quality ‡

‡ Only for high-speed USB products (currently Analog Heat, Digitakt, Digitone, Analog Four MKII, and Analog Rytm MKII).

We’re as eager to get our hands on Overbridge as you are. Most of us are musicians, too. In the meantime, keep making awesome music!

31 thoughts on “Elektron Overbridge Update – “The Most Complex Project We Have Ever Undertaken”

      1. Excuse me, the point is simple: the sequencer don’t send note on the midi out port. Incredible!!
        You can’t layer, or record note into a daw-sequencer ; or program an external synth via arpeggio.
        Ok, i can buy another instrument, but the point remain.


          Elektron never said that the Analog Keys could sequence MIDI gear. You didn’t read the specs and now you’re blaming your mistake on Elektron.

          Adding MIDI sequencing for external devices would have added a huge amount of complexity to the sequencer, and the Analog Keys sequencer is already too complicated for many users.

          1. When you buy the elektron analog keys, on the box there is a big writen: “digital mind-analog soul”. So because it is a sequencer , it is obviosly that has the midi out. It is psycological.

            1. “Digital mind, analog soul
              The Analog Four MKII represents the best of two worlds. Inimitable analog impact combined with razor-sharp digital accuracy. This is an analog synthesizer for the creative artist.”

              Read the last sentence carefully.
              They sell it as a tabletop synthesizer, not a sequencer so it is not build to control a lot of other devices.
              They have multiple reasons for this choice and although it would be a nice addition it will probably not happen.

      1. The point is simple: a synth-sequencer (like a groove box) with midi out that don’t send note on midi out port. So it can’t do layer of sound or control external gear via midi. Or send the note of arpeggio directly in to the daw-sequencer (for example Ableton Live). Ok, i can buy an octatrack, but the point remain.

        1. nice sockpuppet account. the midi out is for din sync. once again it was specifically stated there will be no midi out sequencing. the only point here is to check the features of the product you are buying.

        2. The ACTUAL point is very simple:
          The sequencer was developed for driving CV.
          Midi has restrictons, that would require making another sequencer with different specs, and that ws never planned.

    1. That’s not going to happen. Ever. They never indicated that it would be a feature.

      That’s why the Octatrack exists.

    2. they never mentioned it, they never announced it, infact elektron specifically said there will be no midi out seq for a4. now i know this is all difficult to understand but try reading the following sentence a couple of hundred times, maybe it will sink in:

      there will be no midi out on A4, ever.

  1. All this for separate outputs. Because that’s really all people want. We wouldnt buy hardware if what we wanted was to control it via software. Can hw producers please take notice and add more damn outputs?

    1. how about you stop talking for everyone out there eh?
      i do love hw control but having automation from within the daw and be able to sequence midi in-out and track 4, 8,12 or 16 channels and not swim in cables is definitely something many want. so no, please keep your opinions and notices, what you want is not what everyone wants.
      k thanks.

    2. Kae – Your comment makes clear that you know nothing about the Analog Key’s I/O, but not why you’d take time to comment on something that you clearly know nothing about.

  2. gotta be honest, although its nice to have info on this front, its a huge blow to elektron reputation to have such a delay to OB. i wont pile on the forums, but how on earth did they project to release q4 2017, then feb 2018 and still arent close to the release. apparently they rewrote the drivers but when did they start with the actual rewrite? wasnt this the case all this time? like i said, i wont b!tch about it on forums but it made me sad, realizing that i cant really trust elektron to keep their word.

  3. That Elektron statement is really funny:

    The first message is: “The development of Overbridge continues.” Wow! As a customer of a new product, for which Elektron HEAYILY advertised Overbridge in January 2018, which they didn’t deliver at all one month later (!) in February 2018, I really appreciate this degree of enlightening information!

    And the last message is: “In the meantime, keep making awesome music!” Wow again!
    That’s like someone owing me money would tell me at the date of the payback:
    – Sorry, I have nothing at all for you. Maybe later
    – and when asked: “Roughly when later?” would just answer “No idea. Just keep on being patient”
    – and then putting the icing on the cake with, “Have a really good time, and make the best of your life, while you are missing the money I owe you!” There are ways of communication, and degrees of impertinence, which leave me speechless.

    i will keep the Analog Rytm MK II I paid too much for without proper delivery, months ago. But I will NEVER buy any little piece of Elektron gear from such an irresponsible, extremely unreliable and impertinent company again.

  4. It really is a shame that Elektron is dropping the ball in quality control (I sent my Digitakt back as keys were missing). More importantly, their relationship to the customers and fans of the devices and brand. Last year they released the Digitakt touting Overbridge both on the box and online. Originally slated to be a separate purchase, Overbridge never arrived and the silence from Elektron was coldly Scandanavian. I really love their products and if I had the money I’d love the Digitone but I can no longer trust the PR nor the brand…

  5. Man, people really get upset about OB. I got a Digitakt when they first came out knowing that OB would enable me to do quite a bit more with it. I’m still waiting, but in the meantime, I get to use it and all of its cool features. Through a midi solutions quad box, I control four synths, send out sweet percussion samples to the mains, and use trig conditions to do ambient stuff for hours. Like, OB is cool, but even as a standalone unit, there’s really nothing like it in that price point. Elektron, keep doing your thing.

  6. “The Most Complex Project We Have Ever Undertaken” – oh dear, that means that when it’s finally released it will probably be as buggy as hell…

    1. *sigh*

      Exactly right. Going to take about another year after release to fix the most glaring bugs before it’ll be reliable to most.

    2. this kind of worries me as well. sounds as a not so veiled “guize dis iz hard” excuse, which i am sure it really is. the problem however is that all of the newer gear was and is advertised as OB ready, yet OB is not nearly ready apparently. many, many users have bought gear specifically on this selling point.
      as much as i like and admire elektron, this is false advertising plain and simple and deserves a lawsuit or two.
      i wish them well but its a disgrace how it panned out.

  7. I’ve said all along that this was a stupid bloody idea. They will have to constantly update for all of the OS updates EVERY YEAR. What a massive waste of time. Should’ve just stuck an ADAT out on every box which would’ve cost about 2p and then we can get all our individual channels out that way.

  8. No one else said it so I will. Octatrack MK II projects must be multi tracked one at a time, with a requirement for dynamics and pan control in the DAW. Why the OT II cannot have OB for real-time mixing still causes my draw to drop and the urge to slap a forehead rises strongly. As a result of creative poverty? No. As a result of disincentivising ball ache from production problems? Yes. Uurgh.

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