Samsung CJ89 49″ 3840p x 1080p Monster Monitor For Music Production

In the latest Sonic Lab video, host Nick Batt takes a look at the Samsung CJ89 49″ 3840p x 1080p monster monitor, with a focus on using it with music software. 

Video Summary:

Could be just the thing for your workflow, this 3840×1080 curved monitor provides the equivalent of two 1080 monitors side by side – perfect for viewing the whole arrangement in your DAW. Additionally, you have USB-C connectivity which also provides power enough for a MacBook Pro.

19 thoughts on “Samsung CJ89 49″ 3840p x 1080p Monster Monitor For Music Production

    1. lol… people say that all the time about unpremeditated buyings, just to self-justify the puchase. it´s called autosuggestion.

    2. I own this Samsung CJ89monitor, and let me said ……….yes!!!, is incredible comfortable use this monster with my DAW, Reason 10.
      On my setup I use this monitor for sequencer, one 32 inch vertical monitor for the rack, one big 55 inch for the mixer.
      Probably I upload few pictures or a video on my new facebook.
      If you want more info, feel free to ask.

      Anyway!!!….. be careful, 81.41 PPI (pixels per inch) on this Samsung monster.
      Really lower PPI !

      Reason software look ok, but with Ableton fonts really look horrible and you need start use zoom, what is really stupid if you pay for this monitor then enable zoom !

      This problem, not is a Ableton fail is duet the lower PPI of this monitor, Reason look better duet use more weight fonts, lines on interface, etc..
      Be careful if you plan order this monitor, the lower PPI can be a trouble in higher amount of software.

      The second trouble can be find a proper position for studio monitors, this thing is massive wide!!
      In my case is ok, but just be careful.

  1. batt is wrong. bad idea for music production. overkill, total distraction. musician´s brain would be overwhelmed with visual stimuli. one consequence, e.g.: lack of creativity when it comes to composition. ask neuroscientists. they would clearly confirm that.

  2. I fail to see this is any good ,i already have a 1080p 55inch tv connected to my pc via HDMI.
    in fact my tv is bigger by far ,a unneeded piece of technology, is what this is

  3. I already have a 3840 x 1080 display. It’s called multiple monitors. Two 23″ displays. And for me it’s much preferred, more flexible, and cheap.

  4. I don’t like using two displays, I’ve tried. You always have your head turned slightly one way or the other, which is obviously not good, and I also find that I can focus more easily with only one source of visual information, this is probably overkill though, since it would make proper speaker placement almost impossible.

    1. It’s a shame there are so few monitors without more vertical resolution. In the coding world and publishing world, many have moved to rotating monitors for just that purpose. 21:9 doesn’t fit everyone’s needs but most the panel manufacturers have moved that way.

  5. With only 1080p vertical, you’ll notice everything is slightly to short.. minimum you need on a 21:9 or 32:9 is 1440.. Ive looked at these & have opted against it for that reason. Bigger doesn’t mean better. Expect Samsung to bring out a new higher res 1440 version this september. Coz LG still has the prize 🙂 & as a plus, they have all realised no one other than gamers likes the curves, so are going back to flat.

  6. With screen this big I don’t need to relay on my monitoring solutions any more, finally I can mix by eye, anyway most of music production now days end up on YouTube , you get what you see, looking forward to try out this one!

  7. 1080 is not tall enough to run Logic. i use an older Dell 30” at 2560×1600 and as much as I’d enjoy wider, I simply couldn’t do it at the expense of the height

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